Promoting Health Development at Nursery

Developing the healthy child is essential in supporting children’s general growth and emotional as well as physical wellbeing. One of the many ways we do this at Astbury Lane is regular “Playmakers” sessions with Mr. Ross. Monday afternoons are full of fun activities outdoors where children learn about travelling to “planet play”, skipping, dribbling, stretching and jumping! At the same time these activities are promoting turn taking, healthy eating, gross motor skills and following instructions.

The children really look forward to Mr. Ross visiting, with eager conversations about what they might enjoy this week and what they learned last week. At the start of the term we have begun participation in the “Golden Championship Trophy”, competing with the six nurseries in our family group, involving an individual throw and catch game, pass the parcel, kicking the ball into a goal and hoop obstacle course.

Our team name has been chosen as “Mighty Ducks” and children will be proudly supporting each other, wearing their team t-shirts and encouraging everyone to do their best. The winners will be announced at our fabulous Celebration Day for school leavers in July.

Go the Mighty Ducks!!

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