Our on-going CPD

As part of supervisors and managers on-going development within their roles we are supported and encouraged to complete an online course called Pacey.

Training and continuous professional development (CPD) is vital within our roles. It helps us to develop our knowledge, skills and self-confidence and increase the standards of care and learning that we give to the staff and children in our setting. It can also support us to achieve our aspirations for career progression.

Effective inductions, supervisions and appraisals are key to ensuring staff feel valued and motivated and also that they remain up to date.

Myself and Sharron spent time completing the online course over several hours where we learnt about how and why we complete new staff inductions, supervisions and appraisals and what the benefit of this is. This meant that when we came to complete these for the first time we would have clear and confident knowledge on how to do them effectively alongside my nursery manager who has been mentoring me throughout this process.

After completing the training, I came away with more confidence on how to effectively manage my staff team as it has rapidly grown alongside our growing number of children in the setting.

From my leadership training I effectively communicate with my staff team to ensure that they all have knowledge of what is expected within the nursery and their roles and responsibilities. This has enabled me to practice and effectively complete documents which will empower staff to work towards clear set goals.

I felt that I had learnt so much and by Sharron also completing the same training alongside me we also had each other to support if we needed any guidance along the way. I have jointly carried out supervision meetings alongside my manager to ensure that I am confident in completing them effectively.

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