Loose Parts

“Children learn as they play. Most importantly, in play children learn how to learn.”
O. Fred Donaldson

A fantastic and informative CPD session focused on Loose Parts Play was delivered by our outstanding Townhouse setting. This inspired our practitioners to plan activities to support the children in the environment the following day.

Here’s an explanation of Loose Parts Play: It’s an opportunity for children to interact with open ended materials that are thought provoking and stimulating to a child’s imagination, interests and creativity.

The enthusiasm from the practitioners was lovely to see as they planned a trip out into the community with the children to collect sticks. Together Chelsea and Hayley discussed the impact the sticks could have both in the outdoor and indoor environment to support Maths in the environment in a fun and exciting way.

This was a great opportunity for lots of conversation from the children and the practitioners as the children used the sticks to make their own interpretations.

The children created their shape and hung them proudly around nursery.

In response to the high level of engagement from the children during this activity Hayley and Chelsea created Home Link bags. The bags contained sticks and tape for the children to create shapes with their families at home and this could then be shared with us by our parents using our online Tapestry learning journey.

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