Dig Dig Digging

During National Storytelling Week our babies have been an exploring a variety of books, a firm favourite is Dig Dig Digging by Margaret Mayo and Alex Ayliffe. This is a fun bright rhyming book formed with bold bright artwork that captivates the children.

In response to this interest we have explored diggers and lots of other construction vehicles within our sensory play. This helped promote lots of areas of development from communication skills to physical development.

The children’s imagination was sparked as they re-enacted the story, engaging each other into the imaginative play that was taking place.

To extend this further, a sensory experience was created, where the babies could explore textures, smells and tastes. We used chocolate mud, rolled oats and semolina as a base for our construction site. This was enhanced with vehicles, spades and buckets to let the children experience all the senses, combining sensory with small world.

A story sack has been created, which all the children have been able to engage in. The story would be read, whilst the children can play with Vehicles represented in the book. A sensory bag was also created which contained soil, sand and playdough to recreate the texture of cement. This gave the children to opportunity to explore and use their hands to mould and shape the cement.

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